Sithe Chopper Pump

Tried and True Chopping Performance with NEW MOTOR TECHNOLOGY

SITHE Chopper pumps are Barnes’ solution to highly demanding waste-water applications, specifically for collection systems and treatment plant applications. SITHE provides superior solid size reduction, high reliability, ease of servicing, and low life cycle costs. The SITHE chopper features the option to select either an oil-filled or air-filled motor, whichever suits your application best. Both options solve clogging with a unique, first-of-its-kind, patented chopping technology that slices even the most troublesome solids in the waste stream. To maximize flexibility, the envie3’s air-filled motor option is available in both vertical and horizontal configurations. This premium efficient IE3 motor delivers significant energy savings and is easy to service. The dry-run submersible motor combined with our proven chopping hydraulic performance can handle anything thrown it's way. Whether you choose an oil-filled Sithe or an air-filled Sithe envie3, you can put your mind at ease knowing that pump clogging is under control.


Open center cutter plate design with field replaceable blades provides superior chopping capabilities
Oil and air-filled options allow you to choose a pump that best fits your application
Reduce solid size and pass through even the toughest materials
Made in the USA with best-in-class manufacturing lead times
Line Graph
Sithe envie3 is available in both vertical and horizontal configurations
Easy to service plug & play cord and commercially available mechanical seals and bearing components
Light Bulb
Rugged and modern design that can withstand the harsh wastewater environment
Suitable for shallow wells, high water tables, and rocky terrain

Chopping Videos

SITHE destroys a baseball bat
SITHE destroys ropes
SITHE destroys a mop head
SITHE destroys blue jeans

Technical Catalogs 

Sithe Envie

Oil vs. Air Filled Motors

Our Sithe platform features oil-filled motor housings. The oil acts as both a lubricant and coolant, circulating oil through the stator and housing as a heat conductor. 

The Sithe envie3, Barnes’ Air-Filled motor offering, utilizes a glycol cooling system. This patent-pending cooling system gives envie3 the capability to operate in dry-pit applications and allows lift stations to be shallower. This feature as well as the high efficiency IE3 rating will save time, money, and resources. 

There are benefits to both offerings that can be adapted for any need or application. The main difference between the Sithe and Sithe envie3 models is how the motor is cooled. The slicing mechanism and wet end of the two models are identical to provide the long-lasting reliability of all Barnes products. Whether an oil filled Sithe or an air-filled Sithe envie3 better fits your application, you will experience the cost and time savings of a Barnes chopper pump. 

Pump Cutaways
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